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  • ETV Bal Bharat can now be subscribed from your LCO absolutely free.

  • ROMEDY NOW HD will be discontinued from 1st August 2021.

  • MRMPL has moved to a new location, "The Legacy", 25A Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata - 017

Welcome to MRMPL

Multireach Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s premier MultiSystem Operators(MSO’s) and stands among the oldest cable tv distributors in the country.

Our network sets a new standard in video and audio delivery to the home. See digital crispness, hear digital clarity. Whether you connect your Digital Cable through a home theater system, or simply through an ordinary television, you’ll appreciate the difference digital quality makes and you’ll enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite services.

Get more movies, sports, cultural programmes and classics, like you’ve never had before. Enjoy your favorite movies, series and special events available on our channels in crystal clear digital picture and sound.

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